Back and Forth

It is customary to look backwards and forward at the turn of a New Year and while it is mid January already we have just started our new term at IMC which also marks the halfway point of our studies.  In the previous term we looked at courses such as Intercultural studies, cross cultural theology, our own spiritual lives and characters and the mission journeys of Paul.

In this New Year, before we go back to studies we are both on a three week long community placement.  The idea of these placements is to either practice some of our professional skills or work within a similar culture to that which we will be going to while continuing to learn.  Linda is working with an outreach called Karis Neighbourhood Scheme here in Birmingham where she will be providing legal advice, assisting those with poor English and advocating on their behalf.  Tim is working in a Muslim area with an organisation that runs a food bank and a variety of other social action projects.

On a personal note we also looked back to an old year full of changes with our move from work and full time parenting to study and preparation for even greater changes.  The year also marked Joshua’s journey from being a baby to a proper little boy.

As we look into this year we also look into the unknown because by the end of this year we will probably be settling into life in Uganda wondering about life before that.  We would have been though more changes both expected and unexpected but we look forward in hope and trusting God and his plan.

Many blessings,

Linda, Tim and Joshua.


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